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By Marie-Josée Gatian, Professional Dog Trainer, Behavioral Specialist

THE Dog Class paw logo.  Positive reinforcement dog training.Text Box: From barking problems to aggression issues, a one-time consultation assessment can be a great start to addressing unwanted behaviors.


Behavior Consultation involves an initial assessment to determine the root cause of unwanted behaviors.

This service typically involves addressing problems usually not addressed in basic obedience sessions.

Often, correction of behavior is a simple matter of the owner understanding better communication and leadership techniques that are easily learned.  In some cases, more intensive corrections are necessary.


Any issue may be addressed in a Behavior Consult, but more common problems include:

· Aggression (toward family members, strangers, dogs or other animals)

· Barking

· Destructiveness

· Fear

· House training

· Hyperactivity

· Separation Anxiety

· Rescued dog training

Behavior Consultation  / Private Lessons

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