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THE Dog Class

By Marie-Josée Gatian, Professional Dog Trainer, Behavioral Specialist

THE Dog Class paw logo.  Positive reinforcement dog training.Text Box: A dog that is comfortable in public settings adds to the owner’s enjoyment of their dog in many settings.


While Basic Obedience Training focuses on behaviors necessary for in-home skills, Intermediate Training focuses on those skills necessary for success in the community environment.

Training involves dealing with common distractions seen in public, from meeting strangers and other dogs, to dealing in crowded areas and noisy places.

Sessions focus on exercises in public settings in which the dog is exposed to common distractions.

Typically, intermediate skills are learned in six group training sessions.


Key topics covered include:

· Meeting and greeting strangers

· Advanced loose leash walking and heeling

· Comfort in public and crowded places

· Learning with increased distractions

Intermediate Training

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